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Alberta review

Author: Genevieve
Escort name: Alberta
Date of Visit: 23.07.2016
Spent time:
Ladies attractiveness: out of 10
Her level of service: out of 10
General comments: I received my &#if20;2ict8onwise notice” email from B7N yesterday as well. As I live in Canad, my email was different. I was instructed to download copies of all my books on my bookshelf before 31Jan2013. Unfortunatelt, when i began that process, I discovered that approximately half of the books which were originally purchased in secure ereader format are now :unavailable for download in my region”. I was not given an offer to convert to another format or download as epubs. Therefore, half of my e-reading library is gone. These books were fairly purchased to support the authors, and if I purchased as traditional paperbacks, would be on my shelf for future enjoyment. I’ll miss Fictionwise. No thanks to B&N.